Mandala Vinyl Sticker


Vinyl waterproof sticker is available in 3×3 or 3.5×3.5 inches made from an image of my original dot mandala canvas. The stickers are flat as it is a photo of my work turned into a sticker.  There are no raised dots on these stickers.  These stickers have your choice of a glossy or matte finish. The matte finish allows you to truly appreciate the tiny details of this piece without the glare. A glossy finish appears more vibrant and bright. A matte finish will not be as bright as a glossy finish.

This piece is dishwasher safe. It can be placed on a water bottle, computer, or notebook for example.

Colors on your screen may be different in person as all monitors show different colors.

Photos are watermarked and there is no writing on the stickers.

International sellers. I am not responsible for any custom fees or import taxes.

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